My work bridges community-engaged research with mixed methods to identify systemic causes of violence and trauma to inform community-driven solutions.

Broadly, my research focuses on transforming the institutional conditions that produce and maintain violence and trauma throughout social work, K-12 schools, and higher education. My previous work has identified various protective factors within schools for the relationship between violence exposure, trauma, and school outcomes. Findings have influenced my broader research program which focuses on critically analyzing institutional conditions that (re)produce violence and trauma. 


I believe that in order to effectively intervene in and prevent institutional violence and trauma research should seek to transform power relations and increase equity. I believe that research should be based in community-driven knowledge and lead to collective action. In particular, I have expertise in Photovoice methodology and am currently evaluating social change outcomes following Photovoice projects worldwide. 

Photovoice research is a participatory action research method that allows individuals and communities to create counter narratives and increase empathy through perspective taking. I use this methodology with various topics lead by different communities to advance the dreams and demands that they have for themselves and their communities. 

As a social worker, researcher, and educator I have proven experience in violence prevention & intervention and academic achievement. I have worked in Boston, Brooklyn, Detroit, and Los Angeles.


Participatory Action Research 

Qualitative Research 

Mixed Methods

Survey Research


University of California, Los Angeles

Department of Social Welfare

Dissertation: The (re)production of violence and trauma in high schools: How institutional policies and practices influence teacher and staff decision making
May 2022
Boston University
School of Social Work

Concentration: Community Organizing and Program Planning/Evaluation
May 2014

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