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I hold a steadfast believe that research should be used to elicit social change and action. I therefore participate in various organizing efforts across the country. Below you can find more information about collectives that I participate with. Click on the corresponding links to find out more information and ways that you can get involved. 

Social Worker Activist Collective

The mission of SWAC is to:

  1. Create clear pathways for individual social service and social change workers to connect with power-building organizations in their areas of interest/specialization where they can engage in radical political education, and contribute to the collective movement to shift the field of professionalized social-service work to a solidarity-focused model, and

  2. Create a platform for sustained, radical dialogue and joint organizing actions on the issues confronting all of human services that, at present, are not being met by mainstream organizations. This includes building capacity for a rapid response network against fascist policies.​

Website is currently under construction. Check back in.


Social Worker Equity Campaign

A concerned group of social workers have started a nation-wide campaign to address systemic issues which threaten the very status of social workers, including but not limited to: deplorable salaries, ballooning workloads, demands for unpaid overtime, and racial and gender inequality. We can no longer espouse calls for racial equity, social justice, dignity, and self-determination for our clients and communities and not demand the same for those who toil as professional social workers!

To read more about the campaign click here

To sign the petition click here

Social Work Organizers' Response to Harassment at CSWE

Black Lives Matter all the time Collective

The BLMA Collective, a group of Black women at primarily white institutions, formed in Fall of 2020 to advocate around the idea that Black lives matter long before they are cut short, before they are turned into symbols, martyrized for a movement. We proclaim that our Black lives matter all the time: as we explore our identities, form communities, resist, fight, and heal. Our Black lives matter all the time: as we struggle and thrive and fail and succeed. We don’t want to die in order for our lives to matter to the academy or to society at large – they already should.

To read more about the collective click here. 

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