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When I Stopped Buying Cheese from Whole Foods

I am not sure if anyone remembers back in 2015 when news broke that Whole Foods was getting its over priced goat cheese and tilapia via prison labor? After I read that I stopped buying cheese from Whole Foods- the only thing I bought from there anyway- and started looking into other companies that subcontract out to prisons and found a huge list. There are a ton of companies and government agencies that continue to exploit prisoners to this day.

In 2018 there was a huge inmate strike in 17 states. While we would have thought that this would have brought about greater reform this last week news broke that Mike Bloomberg was using prison laborers to make campaign calls for him. The company that was sub-contracted stated that they pay the corrections facility minimum wage and the corrections facility then caps out how much folks that are incarcerated are allowed to make a month (as low as $20 a month in some states).

What companies or agencies have you stopped using because they contract prison labor?

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