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What Students Need to do Well in School: Student Voices in Massachusetts.

In Massachusetts the Education Law Clinic of Harvard Law School and Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative work collaboratively to address trauma in schools. In their recent memorandum to the Massachusetts Safe and Supportive school Commission, the collaborative ran focus groups with students to determine what their needs are in schools. From this, students highlighted seven main needs that they have to do well in school. They need comfortable and calm classrooms, supportive teachers, respect from administrators, an understanding of race/ethnicity and culture, relevant curriculum, better facilities, programs that support their mental health, and a feeling of safety in school. Along with this, they identified various ways that students should be assessed, moving away from relying solely on state testing and taking a more holistic approach.

Read the full report at the link below:


Are there needs that you think weren't identified in this report?

What can your school do to ensure that student's self-identified needs are being met?

We want to hear from you below.

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